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…Words of Advice!…

I want to challenge all of you…

To take a stand and give up something you have been holding onto for a while

I took a stand and stopped going to fast food establishments OVER TWO YEARS AGO…

Yes you heard me correctly! I do not even go in to get water!
I have saved SO MUCH money by doing so and this helped me to kick start my “clean” eating habits.

You do not have to give up fast food…but you can try! Or try to give up carbonated beverages…or try to get rid of chips…try to get rid of something that you know is slightly holding you back from your health and fitness goals! and then in 6 weeks…reward yourself with that one item you have given up!


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…New Year = New Goals…

The new year has begun, so you know what that means? Everyone has made list of goals that they would like to accomplish this year.

I say that is a great idea..BUT…make sure the items that you put on your list are realistic!

If you have put new workout/fitness goals on your new year resolution list make sure to start out with things that are obtainable.  Do not try to overdo it.  Make sure to start out small and them work up to you big goals.


Lets say your goal is to lose weight but you also want to be able to run several miles.

That is a great goal! But you can not go out on your first workout session expecting to run the several miles that you want.  You have to first warm up to it by jogging for a certain distance.  As each day progresses you add more distance and you turn that jog into a run.

You have to learn to be patient and to take baby steps!


Reaching your ideal fitness and health goals take time! Things do not happen over night.  You have to be patient and stick to your healthy eating habits as well as your daily work out routine.

All the goals that you put on your new year resolution list CAN be reached.  Just alter them to make them realistic and do not forget to start off slow and work your way into it.

Hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year!

Today (and any day) is the perfect day to start your new healthy lifestyle!

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