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…Motivational Monday…

Happy Monday!

Today is YOUR day!

So what you did not eat the rights foods over the weekend (or for breakfast)

Don’s be mad at yourself if you missed your workouts for this weekend

But TODAY is YOUR day.

Start eating better NOW.

Plan your workouts for the next few days

Do not be afraid to start NOW.  Anytime is a great time to kick off your new health and fitness journey.

So start TODAY!

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…Words of Advice!…

I want to challenge all of you…

To take a stand and give up something you have been holding onto for a while

I took a stand and stopped going to fast food establishments OVER TWO YEARS AGO…

Yes you heard me correctly! I do not even go in to get water!
I have saved SO MUCH money by doing so and this helped me to kick start my “clean” eating habits.

You do not have to give up fast food…but you can try! Or try to give up carbonated beverages…or try to get rid of chips…try to get rid of something that you know is slightly holding you back from your health and fitness goals! and then in 6 weeks…reward yourself with that one item you have given up!


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…Motivational Monday…


Today’s motivation…are you doing all that you can do to achieve your health and fitness goals?

Are you substituting water for your afternoon carbonated beverage or morning fruit juice?

Are you eating foods to fuel your body?

Are you executing your scheduled workout outs?

In order to get the results you HAVE to put in the work!

It is a lifestyle change…not just a 2 week fad…

It will take time…dedication…and you have to be patient!

Work hard!  The hard work will pay off!

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…Motivational Monday!…

Happy Monday!

Back to working hard in the gym and working hard towards your goals!

Do not forget to set realistic goals and if you do not reach your weekly goal It Is OK! Just work harder next week!

The results will come! It does take a little bit of time.

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It has been brought to my attention that some people are taking my images that I created and removing/covering up my website name. If you see someone who has one of MY images that I CREATED and the “infinitelifefitness.com” is removed




contact me to i can ask them to remove it.  I work hard to provide content for you guys and i do not appreciate someone changing/altering the things that i create without my permission!


And keep rocking out in the gym!

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…MORE Motivation!…

Getting motivated to workout seems to be one of the biggest problems for people

It is HOT outside…

Your Tired…

You have a TON of stuff on your ‘To Do” list…

You are hungry…

The list goes ON and ON for reasons people try to get out of working out

There is only one way to fix that….


I promise you will feel so much better after you get done with your workout.

Even if it is a little workout…that is better than not working out at all that day!

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…Motivational Monday…

Happy Monday!

are you eating the right things?

obtaining your health and fitness goals also includes sticking to your healthy diet! It is not all about the exercise!

You can work out 6 days a week for 2 hours a day…but if you eat junk all the time you will have a hard time reaching your goals!

Find foods that are fuel for your body

find foods that are yummy to you!

There are so many recipes and other food options

Eating healthy does not mean you have to sacrifice yummy foods!

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…Motivational Monday…

Motivational Monday

As this week starts make sure you have your workouts planned

and you have your meals planned out
This will save you time and make it easier for you to follow your routine

The holiday is coming.

try to find some healthy alternatives!

Eat right. Work Hard in the Gym!



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…Motivational Monday!…

…Motivational Monday…

This week focus on NOT making and excuses as to why you CAN’T workout or eat healthier

The more excuses you make…the longer and harder you will have to work to reach your goals.

Do work in the gym this week!

Dig deep and work hard!




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…Fitness Fridays…

Hey my fellow fitness junkies!

OK so I want to say sorry for lack of substantial post this week!

Between work and a HUGE project I am working on for the site I kinda slacked with getting my post together

BUT…I did not want to just leave you guys with nothing this week so i just wanted to post at least one more inspirational post to help keep you guys motivated about your health and fitness goals for this week!

So do not forget to stick to your goals! I am sure ALL of you have been doing great ALL week…so try to stick with it over the weekend! Stay motivated… stay Focused! Oh…and Happy Friday 🙂

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