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…Words of Advice!…

I want to challenge all of you…

To take a stand and give up something you have been holding onto for a while

I took a stand and stopped going to fast food establishments OVER TWO YEARS AGO…

Yes you heard me correctly! I do not even go in to get water!
I have saved SO MUCH money by doing so and this helped me to kick start my “clean” eating habits.

You do not have to give up fast food…but you can try! Or try to give up carbonated beverages…or try to get rid of chips…try to get rid of something that you know is slightly holding you back from your health and fitness goals! and then in 6 weeks…reward yourself with that one item you have given up!


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…Friday FITsperation…


I hope that you guys have been working hard and sticking to your healthy eating!

The holiday is right around the corner so try to find some healthier options for you to make/eat during your family gathering. Your healthy treats may inspire a friend of family member to start eating healthier and start getting more active!




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…Friday FITsperation…

Happy Friday Everyone!

…Now that Memorial Day weekend is over…and yes you may have indulged in a few of your favorite treats…it is OK!

Hope you hit the gym hard last week…and if you didn’t its ok…start TODAY!

Dig deep and do work in the gym!

ANY DAY is a great day to kick-start you health and fitness routines


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