…Motivational Monday…

Motivational Monday

As this week starts make sure you have your workouts planned

and you have your meals planned out
This will save you time and make it easier for you to follow your routine

The holiday is coming.

try to find some healthy alternatives!

Eat right. Work Hard in the Gym!



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…Friday FITsperation…


I hope that you guys have been working hard and sticking to your healthy eating!

The holiday is right around the corner so try to find some healthier options for you to make/eat during your family gathering. Your healthy treats may inspire a friend of family member to start eating healthier and start getting more active!




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…Fitness Newbie Tips…

I have been getting some request from some “Fitness Newbies” who wanted some general tips to help them out with some of their fitness goals.

Well instead of writing out some long post (because i honestly have TONS of tips for newbies) I decided to share some YouTube videos that I thought would be a little more helpful.

I will also be sure to make more post in the future on some great fitness tips to help those out who are needing the help and advice.

Warm Ups:

I have said this MANY times…it is wise to warm up/stretch before your workout.  You can create your own warm up…but i can see how that would be hard for those who have never had to do this before…so here is a suggestion…

Push Ups:

It is SO important to learn the CORRECT way to do these from the start! If not…you will do them wrong until someone sees you and corrects you! And, you also need to do them correctly in order to get the best results out of this exercise

Non-Gym Workouts:

I know that some people are on a tight budget and just can not afford to purchase a gym membership.  THAT IS OK!  There are so many things you can do IN YOUR HOME that will still allow you to get an amazing workout!


There have been some request for some Yoga tips…to be honest I bought an amazing DVD that I watch and follow.  I got into yoga because a college friend of mine taught the classes here in town.  She moved away so I had to find other alternatives (until she makes a DVD 🙂  )


I hope these videos explain and show you some things better than I can explain them by writing them down in this blog. Please keep sending me your questions…comments…and suggestions! I am here to help YOU GUYS! So please take advantage of the advice you can receive!

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…Motivational Monday…

Happy Monday!
Stay Focused! Eat Right! Do Work in the gym!

Eating right and getting fit is not just about trying to change your appearance to look and feel good.  If it a FULL body transformation!
You will change as a person (hopefully you will change for the better).  It is a health and fitness journey! This journey may not always be easy, and you may have to go through this journey on your own…but YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You have ME and other fellow fitness junkies to cheer you on and to keep you motivated! So do not give up on YOU! 

The hard work will pay off! I Promise!


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…LADIES how can you Tone your Inner Thighs?…

Have any of you fitness junkies seen this kind of machine in the gym?…

or how about this machine….

ooooh what about this one…

All of the above machines (plus many others) are targeted to advertising to women.  For women, our problem target areas are out thighs and hip area.  Looking at the commercial of infomercial, they tell you that all you need to do is do this machine for 30…20…or even 15 minutes a day to get slimmer sexier legs!

Is it just that easy?  Confine yourself to one…two…or three machines for 30 minutes to achieve stronger sexy looking legs?

Well i hate to break it to you ladies…but it NOT that easy.

As i have said several times before it is impossible to spot train your body.  If you have etra fat in one area of your body you can not just work that one area of your body to hope that the fat will magically go away.  You have to have a well balanced full body workout in order to see the results you want.

There are indeed exercise and weights machines you can use to help you tone and strengthen your legs during your workout.  The best suggestions?

Cardio…cardio…and more cardio!  You have to burn those extra calories so that you can start to build and tone those leg muscles.  Also, eating right!  Achieving  your goals starts in the kitchen! If you are putting all the right things in your body it can slow down or halt your fitness results! You should also try to do a strength training routine along with your cardio routine.  Here are a few suggestions of some things you can try along with your cardio to help you get those sexy legs you have been dreaming of:


This is can be done at the gym.  If you need assistance ASK THE GYM PERSONNEL FOR HELP!  Doing this routine wrong can result in injury!

For an At Home routine you can use other things around your house that have a little bit of weight to them that you can balance on your shoulder.  Make sure to have someone near by just in case you need help with lowering the object!


You can check out THIS workout (you can do at home or at the gym!)

Or you can check out THIS workout (that can also be done at home or at the gym)

Make sure to check out THIS article to help you learn some tips that will teach you a few things about lifting so you will be successful at achieving your goals and not harming yourself.

There are still tons of other things you can do or try to help you build toner sexier legs ladies.  But there is not magic machine or apparatus that will do it for you! You have to put in the time and dedication to a full workout routine PLUS eating right.  Sounds like a lot of work? Well it is! But in the end it will be worth it!

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…Motivational Monday…

…Happy Monday!…

We have approached yet another week…and hopefully you are one week CLOSER to reaching your goals!

Take it week by week!

Tracking your goals each week should be an exciting things to see how you have changed over the duration of your health and fitness journey.

For those of you who have recently started…it is OK! Give it a few weeks and you  WILL start to see the results of your hard work!
Make GOOD food choices. Do work in the gym!


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…Friday FITsperation…

…The weekend is approaching…

that does not mean take a break from eating right!

This weekend may be your off days for working out BUT that does not mean completely throw all of your health and fitness goals out the window.

Try to fit in a mini session if you find you have some down time..

try yoga….pilates….or that zumba class you keep hearing about!

Commit to be fit! Stick to it and you will reach your goals!



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…Simple Fitness Tips…

Need a quick guide to some health tips that may be helpful to you and your health goals?  Well look at these Ready-to-use lists that will be provided for you!

Top Rules to Healthy Eating and Living

  • Try not to skip meals! If you wait and let yourself get too hungry you are more likely to make bad food choices (by eating the first thing that you are able to get your hands on) Try to pack a light snack in your bag, purse, or desk just in case you are caught in a need to eat bind!
  • Try not to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach! Those cravings you have suppressed may take over your better judgement allowing you the chance to purchase unhealthy food options
  • I can not stress this enough but WATCH YOUR PORTION CONTROL  when it comes to preparing your meals and snacks.  Achieving your health and fitness goals greatly depends on your eating habits! So you have to be knowing of what you are consuming and how much you are consuming.
  • Try to cook your meals and take them to work.  This will allow you to be more mindful of what you are eating AND it will allow you to save money in the long run!
  • If you do have a bad meal do not stress out too much!! You still have your other meals to worry about. You can still eat healthy your other meals/snacks that you have that day.
  • Start keeping a food journal.  This will allow you the chance to see what you are eating and keeping track of what you are consuming.  It will also allow you to see what you are eating too much of or what you are lacking and you can add/subtract things from your next weeks food menu.
  • PLANNING IS KEY! Try to plan out your meals for the week! And if you know you are going to a restaurant try to look and see what they have on their menu and find their healthy options so you can know what is safe to order before you get there.
  • Restaurant tips: shy away from the bread/chip basket! Those are extra calories just waiting to jump in your mouth! If you do only have one or a handful of chips.  When you get your entrée cut EVERYTHING in half. You can have the other half for your lunch or dinner the next day.  Restaurant portion sizes are traditionally twice as big as the recommended portion sizes.  Order sauces and dressing on the side.  What to drink? WATER!
  • Watch your favorite shows DURING your workout! You can DVR it or watch it online.  This will help you to pass time and it will allow you the chance to catch your favorite shows without feeling guilty!
Like I said there are just some quick tips to go by for those who need a remainder of what they should be mindful of when they are setting their health and fitness goals.

Remember optimal health goals should be planned for losing about 1-3 pounds a week.  If you lose more than GREAT! But if you are in that range you are doing great!

Stay focused! Stay Committed!

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…Motivational Monday!…

Happy Monday!

This is a NEW week…so start your week off by eating the right things and making sure to find time to fit in your workout!

Working out is only about 4% of most peoples day…so make sure to dig deep and put in some work when you are in the gym!


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…Friday FITsperation…

Happy Friday Everyone!

…Now that Memorial Day weekend is over…and yes you may have indulged in a few of your favorite treats…it is OK!

Hope you hit the gym hard last week…and if you didn’t its ok…start TODAY!

Dig deep and do work in the gym!

ANY DAY is a great day to kick-start you health and fitness routines


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