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I would like to say thank you to all of the people who have helped and supported this blog. With out them, this blog would not have the support that it does.

Thanks to the following supporters…

Sara’s Orginized Chaos

Skinny Emmie

Femmes With Benefits

Wonderfully Made Blog

…Anecdote of My Life…


Infinite Life Fitness has Been Featured on These Blogs: (Click on image to go to article)


Classy Curls – “It’s about health, not just hair”

The Scott’s Crib – “Healthier Crib and Family Challenge “

The Scott’s Crib – “Healthier Crib and Family Challenge {Recipes}”

Healthy Hair and Body 

…Romance In A Glance…


Infinite Life Fitness writes health/fitness entries regularly to these blogs:

Healthy Hair and Body- “A Healthy You in 2012!”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Valentines Day Treats”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Reader’s Question: How to Gain Weight”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Simple, Healthy Recipes for a Busy Schedule”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Foods To Fill You Up”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Fitting Fitness into Your Busy Life”

Naturally Nikky – “Working Out: No Gym Membership? No Problem!”

Agape Love Designs – “100 Calorie Snack Options”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Women’s Fitness: What’s True and What’s False”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Fitness Fashion 101”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Reader’s Question: Running Long Distances”

Classy Curlies – “It’s A Lifestyle” 

Forever Twenty Somethings – “Sweat in the City: Fitness Myths”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Truth about YOUR Belly”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Summer Time Meals”

Forever Twenty Somethings – “How to Avoid the “Real World” 15″

Agape Love Designs – “Fitness 101: The truth about Diet Pills”

Fitness Body 4 Life

Healthy Hair and Body – “Fitness AND Fashion”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Fitness Motivation”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Fitness + Health” 

Healthy Hair and Body – “Food Substitutions”

Agape Love Design – “Fitness 101: Women Should Lift Weights!” 

Forever Twenty Somethings – “Sweat in the City: Women SHOULD lift weights!”

Domestically Unemployed – “Fitness Motivation!”

Healthy Hair and Body – “The UGLY Truth Behind Health and Fitness”

Forever Twenty Somethings – “Sweat in the City: Happy HEALTHY Independence Day!”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Happy Healthy Independence Day”

Healthy Hair and Body – “Summer Recipes” 


Infinite Life Fitness has had the “Blogger Spotlights” on these blogs:

Adventures of Team Pancakes

That’s What She Said

Becoming Fabulous


Infinite Life Fitness has sponsored these events:

Sewing Night


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  1. Elle says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am going to follow you!

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