…MORE Motivation!…

Getting motivated to workout seems to be one of the biggest problems for people

It is HOT outside…

Your Tired…

You have a TON of stuff on your ‘To Do” list…

You are hungry…

The list goes ON and ON for reasons people try to get out of working out

There is only one way to fix that….


I promise you will feel so much better after you get done with your workout.

Even if it is a little workout…that is better than not working out at all that day!

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4 thoughts on “…MORE Motivation!…

  1. Oh man discipline is so my biggest problem, the worst part is, is that I know I feel so great once I do it, I just need to do it!

  2. jfay1995 says:

    just do it, pretty much sums it up for me.

    • Ms.Composure says:

      yup! when i start to think about the other things i could be doing other than working out…i seriously think “Just Do It” it usually works and gives me that last little bit of motivation i need to work out 🙂

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