…Fitness Newbie Tips…

I have been getting some request from some “Fitness Newbies” who wanted some general tips to help them out with some of their fitness goals.

Well instead of writing out some long post (because i honestly have TONS of tips for newbies) I decided to share some YouTube videos that I thought would be a little more helpful.

I will also be sure to make more post in the future on some great fitness tips to help those out who are needing the help and advice.

Warm Ups:

I have said this MANY times…it is wise to warm up/stretch before your workout.  You can create your own warm up…but i can see how that would be hard for those who have never had to do this before…so here is a suggestion…

Push Ups:

It is SO important to learn the CORRECT way to do these from the start! If not…you will do them wrong until someone sees you and corrects you! And, you also need to do them correctly in order to get the best results out of this exercise

Non-Gym Workouts:

I know that some people are on a tight budget and just can not afford to purchase a gym membership.  THAT IS OK!  There are so many things you can do IN YOUR HOME that will still allow you to get an amazing workout!


There have been some request for some Yoga tips…to be honest I bought an amazing DVD that I watch and follow.  I got into yoga because a college friend of mine taught the classes here in town.  She moved away so I had to find other alternatives (until she makes a DVD 🙂  )


I hope these videos explain and show you some things better than I can explain them by writing them down in this blog. Please keep sending me your questions…comments…and suggestions! I am here to help YOU GUYS! So please take advantage of the advice you can receive!

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