…LADIES how can you Tone your Inner Thighs?…

Have any of you fitness junkies seen this kind of machine in the gym?…

or how about this machine….

ooooh what about this one…

All of the above machines (plus many others) are targeted to advertising to women.  For women, our problem target areas are out thighs and hip area.  Looking at the commercial of infomercial, they tell you that all you need to do is do this machine for 30…20…or even 15 minutes a day to get slimmer sexier legs!

Is it just that easy?  Confine yourself to one…two…or three machines for 30 minutes to achieve stronger sexy looking legs?

Well i hate to break it to you ladies…but it NOT that easy.

As i have said several times before it is impossible to spot train your body.  If you have etra fat in one area of your body you can not just work that one area of your body to hope that the fat will magically go away.  You have to have a well balanced full body workout in order to see the results you want.

There are indeed exercise and weights machines you can use to help you tone and strengthen your legs during your workout.  The best suggestions?

Cardio…cardio…and more cardio!  You have to burn those extra calories so that you can start to build and tone those leg muscles.  Also, eating right!  Achieving  your goals starts in the kitchen! If you are putting all the right things in your body it can slow down or halt your fitness results! You should also try to do a strength training routine along with your cardio routine.  Here are a few suggestions of some things you can try along with your cardio to help you get those sexy legs you have been dreaming of:


This is can be done at the gym.  If you need assistance ASK THE GYM PERSONNEL FOR HELP!  Doing this routine wrong can result in injury!

For an At Home routine you can use other things around your house that have a little bit of weight to them that you can balance on your shoulder.  Make sure to have someone near by just in case you need help with lowering the object!


You can check out THIS workout (you can do at home or at the gym!)

Or you can check out THIS workout (that can also be done at home or at the gym)

Make sure to check out THIS article to help you learn some tips that will teach you a few things about lifting so you will be successful at achieving your goals and not harming yourself.

There are still tons of other things you can do or try to help you build toner sexier legs ladies.  But there is not magic machine or apparatus that will do it for you! You have to put in the time and dedication to a full workout routine PLUS eating right.  Sounds like a lot of work? Well it is! But in the end it will be worth it!

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6 thoughts on “…LADIES how can you Tone your Inner Thighs?…

  1. Shia says:

    I’m actually trying to lose the last bit of extra on my inner thigh…since there’s obviously no muscle tone there at the moment I am able to lay on the floor feet (bottoms) together and do slow butterfly motions … I started last night and I can already feel muscles waking up but I totally agree there is no spot treatment you just have to keep at it and slowly everything will tone up!

    I love your blog posts! I have them emailed to me 🙂

  2. Lucy says:

    wow these are great tips! i just wish I had one of those fancy work out machines. I love your motivational posts. they’re so encouraging!

  3. cassidy says:

    Haha yes! Yet you still see so many people using them! Best exercise for your inner thighs are compound movements like Sumo squats.


    • Ms.Composure says:

      yes!! i know..it just drives me crazy to see ppl doing things that are not so beneficial to them! that is why i created this blog…to hopefully educate ppl on the things they can do to help them get more fit and healthier 🙂

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