…Simple Fitness Tips…

Need a quick guide to some health tips that may be helpful to you and your health goals?  Well look at these Ready-to-use lists that will be provided for you!

Top Rules to Healthy Eating and Living

  • Try not to skip meals! If you wait and let yourself get too hungry you are more likely to make bad food choices (by eating the first thing that you are able to get your hands on) Try to pack a light snack in your bag, purse, or desk just in case you are caught in a need to eat bind!
  • Try not to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach! Those cravings you have suppressed may take over your better judgement allowing you the chance to purchase unhealthy food options
  • I can not stress this enough but WATCH YOUR PORTION CONTROL  when it comes to preparing your meals and snacks.  Achieving your health and fitness goals greatly depends on your eating habits! So you have to be knowing of what you are consuming and how much you are consuming.
  • Try to cook your meals and take them to work.  This will allow you to be more mindful of what you are eating AND it will allow you to save money in the long run!
  • If you do have a bad meal do not stress out too much!! You still have your other meals to worry about. You can still eat healthy your other meals/snacks that you have that day.
  • Start keeping a food journal.  This will allow you the chance to see what you are eating and keeping track of what you are consuming.  It will also allow you to see what you are eating too much of or what you are lacking and you can add/subtract things from your next weeks food menu.
  • PLANNING IS KEY! Try to plan out your meals for the week! And if you know you are going to a restaurant try to look and see what they have on their menu and find their healthy options so you can know what is safe to order before you get there.
  • Restaurant tips: shy away from the bread/chip basket! Those are extra calories just waiting to jump in your mouth! If you do only have one or a handful of chips.  When you get your entrée cut EVERYTHING in half. You can have the other half for your lunch or dinner the next day.  Restaurant portion sizes are traditionally twice as big as the recommended portion sizes.  Order sauces and dressing on the side.  What to drink? WATER!
  • Watch your favorite shows DURING your workout! You can DVR it or watch it online.  This will help you to pass time and it will allow you the chance to catch your favorite shows without feeling guilty!
Like I said there are just some quick tips to go by for those who need a remainder of what they should be mindful of when they are setting their health and fitness goals.

Remember optimal health goals should be planned for losing about 1-3 pounds a week.  If you lose more than GREAT! But if you are in that range you are doing great!

Stay focused! Stay Committed!

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One thought on “…Simple Fitness Tips…

  1. Great tips thanks for sharing

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