Lose Weight: Liposuction or Work Out

We live in a society today where everyone is on the “I want it RIGHT NOW” mentality. Upon mentoring youth in my area I hear so often how they want to be successful and wealthy but they WANT IT RIGHT NOW. When I consult with people about health and fitness they want to see results RIGHT NOW. But as with everything in life…it takes time, dedication, and hard work!

Today’s post is a requested post from a follower asking for the difference between liposuction and working out and more information about this procedure in general.  If I got paid $1 for each time I had someone ask me about liposuction as an alternative to losing weight I would have enough money to pay my rent each month!
There are dozens of sites, blogs, facilities, and other resources that can be used to provide you or anyone with liposuction surgery and procedure information, surgery or operation tips, or liposuction cost information. But the truth is that you don’t have to waste thousands of dollars for the painful experience of eliminating those unwanted problem areas you have on your body. There is one great solution that will have more health benefits and that will last a lot longer as well…and that solution is working out and eating healthy!

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that can be done to eliminate unwanted fat cells that have accumulated in your body (like on your hips, thighs, buttocks, or midsection). This procedure is carried out by the surgical doctor making small incisions on your body. They will then stick a long plastic tube called a cannula inside of those incisions and somewhat “sucks out” the access fat. This can be a very painful procedure and it can take up to several days or weeks to recover from it.

Side effects of this procedure?

Severe complication can be a result of liposuction but they are rare. With liposuction the doctor is scraping away the fat layers that are right under the skin. Doing this can cause damage to the skin. There have been some instances of saggy, lumpy, loose skin appearance after this operation. There have also been instances of dark blotchy spots from the skin being damaged from the suction and aggressive procedure.
Skin infections are also a possibility. Antibiotics may be prescribed to be taken after the procedure but If this does occur then you may have to have yet another surgery and this can also leave some skin scarring or other skin appearance problems in the areas where you had liposuction.
This procedure can alter your skin elasticity and if too much fat is removed you could be left with an area of flabby skin! The scar from the incision of the tube is permanent! If the scar is not placed in a good spot it can be noticed and has the possibility or developing scar tissue around it.
Fluid accumulation is also normal and it can last for weeks or months! You can get fluid pockets that will need to be drained (via a needle or some other procedure that the doctor may have to perform).

Other things to worry about with this procedure?

There are several other factors to take in consideration when thinking of getting this procedure. The first is anesthesia. With any major or minor surgery that uses anesthesia, there is always a risk with using it. Some people can have a negative reaction to the anesthesia which can result in some life threatening complications. Some doctors that perform this procedure may use general or local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is indeed safer. With the local anesthesia there have been some people who have had negative reactions to it but this number is much lower than major anesthesia.
With this type of surgery, this puts a lot of strain on your body and body organs. There is a lot of fluid exchange during this type of operation. These huge fluid shifts can cause a negative effect on your kidneys or even your heart! There have been rare cases of shock being reported due to this surgery. There has also been instance where too much fluid was injected into the body and the fluid accumulated in their lungs causing other complications. Also, there have been reports of organ injury due to the tube that the doctor uses to remove the fat. The doctor could accidentally stick the tube too far (in the abdomen or other areas surrounding organs) causing the tube to puncture an organ. This can be deadly if it is not caught soon enough and it may require yet another surgery to fix the problem.
As with most surgeries there is always a possibility of blood clots in the lungs or in the legs. Well with this kind of surgery there is a possibility (but this possibility is VERY small…but it is indeed still possible) that you can get a fat clot in your body. You can get pulmonary embolism where some fat does get lodged into the lungs. This should be noticed via the patient having difficulty breathing and they will need medical attention immediately!

So the moral of this story…you can do what you want BUT I am suggestions you stick to a healthy fitness routine and adapting a healthy diet. This will allow you a lifetime of positive physical results and it will last you much longer. Liposuction does not last forever as the fat can come back and you would have wasted the money and the pain for nothing. With working out, you adapt a routine and you are most likely to stick to it once you have set a routine and have adapted to your diet and workout.
Yes there are some health risks involved with working out (hence why it is ALWAYS suggested that you go consult with your doctor) but working out will cost you a lot less and does not have as many BAD side effects to worry about. Working out will allow you to become healthier and it will allow you the opportunity to mold and sculpt your WHOLE body without surgery.  Earning the body you want will allow you the opportunity to appreciate it.  Not to mention the transformation you will have mentally as you start to grow and develop into a healthier more fit person with the body you have been working so hard for.  And to have that transformation is PRICELESS.
I hope this advice has been helpful and please feel free to keep emailing me health and fitness questions and topics you would like for me to talk about!

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5 thoughts on “Lose Weight: Liposuction or Work Out

  1. Daisy Girl says:

    I agree with you! So glad I found your blog. I’m always looking for good fitness tips to get back in shape.

  2. Aki! says:

    Awesome blog! I have a long way of exercising and eating healthy to go before I even consider any of this but I always wonder about excess skin.

    • Ms.Composure says:

      if you lose weight the right way the access skin should not be a big problem because your body will slowly adapt to you weight loss so just stick with it and you should be fine! 🙂

  3. Brittany says:

    Great post! Definitely a good compilation of reasons to get your body back into shape while describing the process and procedure of liposuction. Very important to do your research before considering a surgery like that.

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