…Guest Post: Calisthenic Workout!…

There are many different types of workouts that you can do to get the exercise you need to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  If you are a beginner fitness junkie it is requested to start out slow and then work your way up to tougher and harder routines.  But for intermediate and advanced fitness junkies, it is easier to try new more advanced workouts.

Today I have Ms. Liza Wilson here speaking on a great workout option for my beginner fitness junkies.  There are several different techniques you can apply to your new workouts that will help you burn more of those unwanted calories.  The key is to try to have a workout that will get your heart rate up as well as keep you moving! If you add some simple tricks such as hand weights or resistance bands, this can help you to burn more calories while you complete your regular workout routine.

Calisthenic Workout – A Tough Routine Demystified

The main point of the Calisthenic workout is to offer a system of strengthening exercises. The
most famous characteristic is that this system doesn’t use weight or other kinds of items. In fact
the only weight used is the body’s own weight. This way it develops the resistance using the
system originated from gymnastics.

This kind of system increases the fitness level through strengthening the muscles of your body.
These muscles include the skeletal and the cardiac muscles. This way you can improve the
health of your heart and you will be less likely to get a cardiovascular disease.

This is a kind of workout that is performed on stage and this is why certain choreography is
needed. Besides this you should also think about the fact that in many cases you could have
only limited space.

The Calisthenic exercise is meant to target specific muscles groups. For example the target of
the sit ups is the abdominal muscle. In this case the goal of people is to perform the exercise
until the time runs out or until muscle failure occurs.

It is very important to remember that in case of this kind of workout there is a proper routine to
be followed. Otherwise the person in question could get injured. In case you are doing this kind
of workout to lose weight, you should also remember to keep a calorie-controlled diet in the
same time.

The combination of workout and diet will offer you a really fast working method to lose the
weight that you want to. It might be a great source of motivation to write down your weight
and how many pounds you have lost since you started working out.

There are some easy exercises to perform during a workout, such as the dumbbell calf raises. In
this case you will have to hold a dumbbell in your left hand and climb to the top of a box, with
your heels hanging off the edge. Grasp a sturdy object on the wall to maintain your balance and
lift your right foot, so that you will be standing only on the left one.

Then flex your calf to raise your body and then lower your body to the starting point. This set
of exercises is made of five movements of this kind. After them you should get some rest and
continue with this exercise or move on to another one.

Author Bio: Liza Wilson is a fitness freak and loves writing on health and fitness. Do check out her
fitness health articles on FitnessHealthZone.com where she writes on topics such as exercises, diet and
nutrition, body building, exercise equipment, healthy living, yoga, vitamins & supplements.

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