…Cellulite:The Truth and Nothing But the Truth!…


The dreaded 9 letter word that most women dare not to say when they notice they are starting to gain a little weight.  As it is way more noticeable in woman than it is in men, cellulite has been an ongoing problem for women as they age and start to gain unwanted weight.

So what exactly is Cellulite?

 It is a collection of fat cell that are close to the surface of your skin.  These fat cells can clump together causing those ungrateful lumpy markings on your skin (most commonly found in the thighs).  It can also be caused by fat and connective tissue that are distributed in our outer skin layer. The severity of your cellulite varies from woman to woman and the appearance of cellulite can be offset by numerous things such as poor leg circulation…enlarged fat lobes…progesterone and estrogen levels…and to be honest genetics also play a HUGE role in it as well!

It is true that almost EVERYONE does have some form of cellulite.  The only difference is that you can see it more on certain people.  And yes women of ALL SHAPES AND SIZES have cellulite.  Not just overweight people have it! Everyone can be a victim of cellulite!

Are there Treatments for Cellulite?

To be honest the only way to significantly reduce the signs of cellulite is with a good workout (cardio and resistance training) and eating right.  Looking at this article from The New York Times:

“…Anti-cellulite creams offer temporary benefits, essentially by irritating the skin so that it swells, which camouflages dimpling. Liposuction removes fat, but doesn’t solve connective tissue or skin thickness issues that contribute to cellulite. Massaging combined with laser, lights and radiofrequency treatments also may have a temporary effect by inducing swelling, but the results don’t last.”

More information on this article can be found HERE

So now this is just one more great reason for you to start your new health and fitness lifestyle!

Cellulite is located in the superficial fat layer  just beneath the skin.  The fat that you actually burn when you exercise is called your “reserve fat” and is found deeper in your muscles and in your trouble areas (hips, thighs, buttocks, tummy area…etc).  When exercising, you will initially burn your reserve fat.  Working out has been proven to lessen and in some people even diminish any visual signs of cellulite.  You have to reduce your overall body fat content in order for your body to start getting rid of the fat in all areas of your body which in return tighten and tones your body that will lead to the reduction in the signs of cellulite.

I want to be honest with you…if you do have cellulite it will be hard to get rid of.  It is not something you will immediately start to see.  But that goes with any body changes that you will see.  It will take time! It will take weeks upon weeks of dedication to your health and fitness routine.  You will have to keep up your steady workouts and eating healthy in order to see the results you want!  Working out will allow you to lower the fat you have stored in your body.  As your body gets more tone and lean the signs of cellulite will diminish.  Cellulite will not be completely eradicated, just visibly reduced.

Like listed above there are topical treatments that you can purchase, you can get messages, laser treatments…or any other type of ‘cellulite reducing” treatment to help you. But it will only be temporary!  It may help diminish the signs of cellulite for a period of time but in the end there is chance the appearance of your cellulite will come back.  None of the treatments, creams, gels, pills, or other gimmicks sold on TV and in stores have been proven so my suggestion…save your money and just adopt a healthier lifestyle!

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5 thoughts on “…Cellulite:The Truth and Nothing But the Truth!…

  1. Lilli Toby says:

    Here is my funny little rant about cellulite.
    Women are suppose to be goddess’s (is that correct?) lol.. Who in creation decided to give women cellulite? Women give life, a fantastic miracle, women endure the hardship of pregnancy and labor and delivery, so why cellulite…Hmmm I wonder, why not men…They should bear some sort of hardship.

  2. Jane says:

    Popping in from Jill’s Friday Fitness blog hop to say hello. I have been reading through your blog and I am loving it. It is so easy to read and extremely informative. I will definitely be back! Have a great day 🙂

  3. Tammy says:

    Wonderful post, very helpful! I used to have a lot of cellulite in my thighs and it showed quite a lot. But with a bit of weight loss (proper eating and cutting back on the sweets), walks and most importantly good hydration, with time it began to fade, but still not completely.

    • Ms.Composure says:

      thanks for stopping by! yes i want to be informative and truthful with anyone who is seeking health and fitness advice. i do not want to purposely feed anyone false information and i hope that this article is helpful for those who are dealing with this kind of issue.

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