…Guest Post: Why do YOU eat Fast Food?…

Well, there have been many times that people stress the importance of limiting or STOP eating fast food.

Being realistic it is hard to give it up 100%.  With a family, busy lifestyle, and not enough time….fast food is a great option for most people and families when meal time comes around.

Take a pledge to limit your fast food intake.  Try to plan and schedule your menu/meals.  This is not only a healthier option, but over time it can help you save money! If you take the $5-$20 you would spend PER MEAL at a fast food place, you can apply that to your grocery bill and get healthy meal options and snacks.

Today Mr. Tony Shin was kind enough to submit a graphic to be shared with you guys!

Medical Coding Career Guide

Created by: MedicalCodingCareerGuide.com

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2 thoughts on “…Guest Post: Why do YOU eat Fast Food?…

  1. I especially like your comment on apllying your money to grocery rather than fast food. This leads to a huge savings. Go buy a pack of hot dogs and buns, you’ll be just as satisfied and full (5 or 6 times) and get the same crap, but for way less! I only wish the people still going to the drive thru, knew what they were doing 😉

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