…Guest Post:High Intensity Interval Training…

When deciding on what kind of workout you are wanting to do there are so many different types of programs you can choose from!

You can join a fitness class or fitness challenge at a local gym or with your job

You can attend or create your own boot camp

You can create or find a fitness routine that you can complete at the gym OR if you can not afford a gym membership you can complete it at home!

Today’s post will be talking to the followers who are a step above the beginners  but who are looking for something to add or supplement their fitness routines with.

Today I would like to introduce you to Erik.  Mr. Smith has his own website at:  www.workoutdesigns.com

He is here to discuss some higher intensity workout options for you:

The key to high intensity interval training is speed.  This enhanced form of training typically means you do more in a short amount of time and is popular among those who are trying to lose as well as for others with all kinds of fitness and exercise needs.  High intensity interval training workouts usually last less than 20 minutes and burns fat faster than similar cardio workouts.  There are many different kinds of high intensity interval training routines and each has their own kinds of benefits.

30 and 60 Second High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

When you are just beginning high intensity interval training, you can start with 30 second routines.  After you have stretched and warmed up properly, you can work on your 30-second routine.  You should feel every part of your body burning when you work out.  No matter your fitness level, you should try to push yourself to finish.

Beginners need to do 30-second sprints with 90-second rest phases in six to eight sets.  Those at an intermediate level can do 30-second sprints with 60-second rest phases in eight to ten sets.  However, those at the advanced level can do 30-second sprints with 30-second rest phases in ten to twelve sets.  No matter what level of your high intensity interval training routines, you also need to make sure you warm down properly after your sets.

Tabata Training

There are also other forms of high intensity interval training if you want a more structured or official workout.  In fact, Tabata is said to be the most effective form of training as well as the most intense.  This is a four-minute routine is supposed to produce better results than aerobic training.  The interval training is also supposed to help you build muscular endurance better than you would if you were undergoing normal cardio training.

The Tabata intervals are simple to follow.  You have to push yourself to do as many reps as possible for 20 seconds then rest for ten seconds.  This has to be repeated eight times.  With Tabata training, it is best to use a timer so that you do not have to think too much as you are working on your intervals.  Beginners at this level should choose lighter weights and gradually increase as they progress.

While this routine is quite intense, one of its appeals is that it is adaptable to various kinds of exercises.  Exercises such as front squats and push presses work very well with this routine.  You can also use kettlebells or other kinds of weights that will make you use your largest set of muscle groups.  You should remember that this is not an everyday routine and you may end up doing it only once or twice a month.

Body for Life Training

You can also try other high intensity interval training routines such as the Body for Life routine that has four sets of increasing intervals each one minute long.  Part of the secret to this routine is that it starts out at an already high intensity than challenges you to increase intensity with each minute.  Finally by the last-minute, you have to push yourself to reach maximum intensity.

You can use accessories such as timers as you work on high intensity interval training workouts if you need some help in keeping up your pace and checking on your progress.  You can also use workout music to help the time pass faster and keep your mind off the burn.  You may not perform these routines every day, but you can still get the kind of results you want if you perform them correctly.

We starting a new health and fitness routine you have to be mindful of you physical limits!  It is OK if you start something new or add new things to your workout and it is hard for you to finish them or you can not finish them at all! It will take you some time to build up your endurance and your strength to be able to accomplish tougher higher intensity workouts.  It is OK to try or add something new to your routines! It is actually suggested that you change-up your routine every 6 – 8 weeks.  This will allow your body to not get use to all the same exercises and it allows you to work out other muscles in your body to help you shed those unwanted calories and reach your fitness goals.

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