… Guest Post: Getting through the pain of those first few workouts…

You know the saying…’No Pain No Gain”….well there actually is some truth to that statement!

When starting your new health and fitness routines there is going to be some type of discomfort and pain associated with those new routines.  The pain or discomfort is NORMAL! (BUT if the pain and discomfort is extremely painful and does not ease away it is probably a good idea to go to the doctor to have it checked out!)

Today I have a guest post being more informative when it comes to the pains associated with working out.

Getting through the pain of those first few workouts

There’s no way around the fact that working out requires real and honest effort. No one ever said that working out was easy, or that it was necessarily fun (at least in the beginning). Heck, it’s not called working out for nothing. Earnest exercise will take a physical toll on your body at first, but that’s why it works; what’s more, it’s the best way to lose weight and stay in shape on a year-round basis. A well-structured workout done a few times a week will have a much bigger impact on your mind and your physique than would any bogus new-age diet.

That’s why you’ve got to stick to any workout routine you start, at least until you can determine whether or not it’ll give you the results you want. But to do that, you have to learn to deal with the initial pain and discomfort that inevitably accompanies any new workout.

Why you’re in pain

When you start a workout, whether you’re running, doing crunches, or even doing some light lifting, your muscles are going to react. The muscles in your arm and shoulder aren’t used to you lifting a ten pound dumbbell for a few reps; they’re much more accustomed to lifting the controller or a can of diet soda. When you put them under unfamiliar strain, of course they’re going to let you know they’re uncomfortable by hitting you with some major soreness the next day. But hey, this is a great thing, because sore muscles (usually) mean muscles that are coping with their new responsibilities by growing and strengthening.

Treating your body after a workout

Now soreness can signal a good thing when you first start a workout routine. However there are pains that you should be wary of, like sharp, consistent pain in your joints or on your body where they normally wouldn’t happen. Or you might feel the same dull aches even after you’ve become familiar with a workout. There are two main reasons why you might be experiencing such abnormal pains after a workout: you could be doing an exercise incorrectly (poor technique, too much strain, insufficient stretching) or you aren’t giving your body the proper nutrients to let it heal after an intense workout.

There are several things you can do to counteract such unnecessary pain. You can start by properly fueling your body before and after a workout. Be sure to eat a decent amount of carbs and/or protein about an hour before you hit the track or the gym (some whole grain bread or less than a cup of strained greek yogurt will do)—this will ensure that you have the necessary sugars and raw energy to draw from when you put your muscles to the test. After your workout, you should hydrate with regular water and then drink a protein shake or some chocolate milk (no, really) to make sure that your body has enough nutrition to heal the muscles that were just strained to their limit.

Potential technique and stretching issues are more difficult to fix on a general level. All I can tell you is what most personal trainers will tell you: it’s better to do an exercise for a short amount of time the right way than doing it wrong for any time at all. If you’re unsure about how to properly do squats, or how best to complete a push up, don’t put your body at risk by just winging the exercise. Consult a professional about the right techniques so you can get the results you want while keeping your bodily health intact.


This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99 @gmail.com.

So yes, pain with exercise IS normal. But remember if the pain does not dull down or go away you may want to consult with your doctor!

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2 thoughts on “… Guest Post: Getting through the pain of those first few workouts…

  1. Tranae says:

    I went through this today. I took a couple weeks (more like a month) off of working out (Just being lazy). I will never do that again.

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