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There are many different ways you can exercise for your cardio workout. You can run outside, run at a gym, or to save money you can run at home.  Someone approached me wanting to share with my followers the benefits of owning a treadmill to be kept at home.  The following article is a guest post  is sharing some great views and suggestions for those who are considering getting a treadmill for your home!

Here’s Why You Might Want To consider Using A Treadmill

Author: Sean Byrne

One of the best ways to get the heart and body into a good sweat and clear out that negative energy is to go for a light jog or run. If you’ve got some nice open space near by your home such as a park, forest or even a lake side, there is nothing better than taking a walk, jog or run around these types of landmarks and give your body the exercise it needs to shake off a stressful day at work. However, not everyone has access to these types of areas and therefore it can sometimes become less of a motivation to take time out and enjoy some exercise.

Now don’t get me wrong, city folks can go out there and run a few blocks, or use some of the parks that are close by to indulge in some exercise, but it doesn’t always have the same effect. There are lots of people floating around and cities can be very congested with cars, population and noise. Sometimes the weather plays a part in your motivation to go outside. During the winter, it can be way too cold to exercise outside and during the summer months, the thoughts of increased sweat as the sun beats down on you is not a desirable option either.

So what is your option if you don’t have the desired landscape or the appropriate weather for exercising outside? Well.. one of the best options you have is to invest into a piece of fitness equipment. Treadmills are one of the best ways to  incorporate your cardiovascular workouts in the comfort of your own home. They come in all shapes and sizes and of course, different price ranges too. Sole Treadmills are one of the best brands out in the marketplace today. They are known for their high quality user-friendly products. The Sole f80 and the Sole f63 are perhaps the two best and most popular sole treadmills that are currently serving the market today.

Treadmills offer features and functionalities that you wont necessarily always find when you run outdoors. They offer various workout programs to choose from and have features such as cooling fans,  heart rate monitors, built-in audio speakers so you can listen to your music as you workout. Some of the latest models in the market place even have applications where you can run courses on google maps.  Some of the higher-end treadmills have cushioned running surfaces to ease pressure on your joints as you walk, jog and run.

Aside from the gadgets, you can use your treadmill in front of your tv… which allows you to catch up on some news, and your favorite tv programs without having to leave the house. No matter what the weather is like outside, you can always use your treadmill and you’ll feel more likely to exercise on it. There are of course downsides such as having enough room to fit such a device in your home. This can be especially tricky when you have a small apartment. But there are smaller sized treadmills that cater for this lack of space. Most of them fold up too, giving you more space when you are not using it.

Thank you Mr. Byrne for the article!

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