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Still looking for ways to not look too slumpy with your workout gear? Or have you been working out and losing wight to reach your health and fitness goals but, you are worried about your clothes in your closet not fitting you anymore? (which is not always a bad thing!) Well thanks to Chelsey Tanisha she has written a guest post about trying to incorporate your fashion look with your fitness attire but still look stylish at the same time! Here are some great tips to help you with that in between stage until you have reached your idea goal.

The Adjustment Period
Don’t let the excuses keep you from exercising! Long-term, working out poses many health benefits. Unfortunately, we live in a world driven by instant gratification. Fashion is one immediate benefit of working out, because you feel good after a hard workout. When you feel good, you’ll inevitably look good. Mixing fashion with fitness is a great way to stay motivated and kick the apparel-related excuses to the curb. One common excuse is having to buy a whole new wardrobe after losing weight. Well, here’s how you can fashionably fix that problem!
Problem: “If I work out, I’ll have to buy new clothes because nothing will fit right. I don’t have the money for that.”
Solution: If you’re anticipating a dramatic weight loss, dresses and leggings will be your best friend during the adjustment period.
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  • Leggings are inexpensive, and because they are stretchy, they’ll cling to you even after you lose weight. Just pair it with a long flowy tee or tunic and you’re stylish while staying comfortable.
  • Wrap dresses are key to your wardrobe when you’re in between sizes. You can tie it to fit your weight, and it’s one of the most flattering dresses for every body type.
  • Loose, off the shoulder tops are good pieces to keep in your closet. They are meant to be loose, so even when you shed a few pounds, they fit how they are supposed to.
  • Another option is to take your pants in a few inches if you own a sewing machine.
It’s possible to maintain a stylish wardrobe that fits while being on the road to getting in shape. Once you are satisfied with your weight, have fun and splurge on the clothes you always wanted but never thought you could wear!
Click on image to get details about the items shown!
So work out hard! Reaching your fitness goals will give you even more of a reason to go buy a new wardrobe to show off your new physique!
Please feel free to check out Chelsey Tanisha for more fashion tips!
Any day is a great day to start getting healthier! Why not start TODAY?
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2 thoughts on “…Fitness Fashion Friday…

  1. Yevette says:

    Reblogged this on I am Ready to Lose and commented:
    Wonderfu ideas for that “in between” stage of weight loss. Which is exactly where I am.

  2. Jenny says:

    This is a great post. I think many women feel that they should stay in their frumpy clothes when in the adjustment period and they don’t feel worthy of new clothes until they have lost all of their weight…but sometimes a few great outfits are the pick me up that you might just need. Great ideas! Thanks for linking up with Favorite Thing Friday 🙂

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