…Working out AND looking good!…

Ok for all you fashion savvy people out there, there is a way to workout and looks stylish while doing so!

Thanks to J’s Everyday Fashion, she has provided some great tips for looking cute before and AFTER your workout!
I know that I always hate the ride home from the gym.  Because I always remember to stop by the store or run into a store to pick up something that I will need for the next day. Well, here are some cute things you can try to add to your workout gear to help you if you do need to make a few stops on your way home from your workout!

Today’s Everyday Fashion: Brazilian Moda

Today’s Everyday Fashion is brought to you by Brazilian Moda. I recently teamed up with them to create 3 examples of how you can easily transition your workout clothes into a cute outfit for running errands. Check out their site, and receive 15% off your purchase with code JFASHIONBLOG!

Which look is your favorite?

Extra long top with unique back, $58
Supplex basic capri, $56
How I did it: This look is perfect for days when you didn’t sweat a lot and are running out the door. Just throw on a hooded sweater over your shirt (way cuter than a hooded sweatshirt) and switch out your gym shoes for some fuzzy boots. You instantly look comfy chic!

Supplex Long Tank with criss-cross back, $46
Supplex basic capri, $56
How I did it: After a super-sweaty workout, I always recommend removing your shirt to prevent breakouts. But don’t just throw on a ratty old t-shirt. Step up your game by wearing an inexpensive graphic t-shirt from Forever 21 or Gap. Throw on an army jacket for more coverage, and boots to brave the snow!

Supplex Long Top cut on the sides, $48
Supplex Pants with belt loop and pockets, $85
Touch Light Second Skin Tank, $29 (on sale)
Mesh Sleeveless Vest with Hoodie, $60
How I did it: I changed out of my sweaty shirt and into a printed top from Brazilian Moda. This top is the perfect cross between workout clothes (so you don’t mind if it gets sweaty) and streetwear (looks cute enough for errands). I also threw on a vest from Brazilian Moda (second picture), and snow boots and a puffer jacket (third picture).

Check out my video below to see how I transition into this look in just over a minute!

Disclaimer: clothes that are from Brazilian Moda are listed below each picture, and do not belong to me. I chose a couple items to keep for future use, and any items not listed are my regular ‘ole clothes. See my disclosure policy for more info.


These are some great suggestions.  With a lot of stores (such as Target and JC Penney) they are coming out with all kinds of workout, yoga, and lounge clothing for women.  If you are mindful the next time you go shopping, you can score some cute items to enhance your workout wardrobe!  Switching shirts, adding a light jacket or cover up, and throwing on a different pair of shoes can transform any “regular” outfit into something more sassy.

Hope that these tips helped to give you some ideas on how to enhance your personal workout attire.

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