…SPRING BREAK anyone?…

It is that time of year to start thinking about spring break!

For those of us who do not get to go on a “spring break” maybe you are considering planning a warm mini vacation with the gals once things slow down in a few months.

Well RIGHT NOW is the time to start getting your body ready to flaunt in your bathing suites!

RIGHT NOW is the time to start planning out your workouts to slowly get you back into a weekly workout routine to help you shed those unwanted pounds and to tone up that body!

Start out with making a schedule for this week (yes it is Wednesday but ANYDAY is the perfect day to start your new health goals!)

Make a schedule for the next few weeks.  Make sure to schedule your workouts during a time that is convenient for you and that will allow you to complete your workouts! It is never good to rush through your workout!

It is also a great idea to start watching the liquid calories you are consuming! That is one of the main things people miscalculate when looking at their daily intake.  Try substituting water for that afternoon coke you have.  Or try having a liquid snack (like smoothie) before or after your workouts to satisfy any food cravings.  Also, do not forget to schedule your meals accordingly and have snacks available that do not pack a lot of calories but will satisfy your hunger until your next meal.

This is the great time to get all your friends together and start a workout exercise group or regular exercise session! If you want to be beach ready in a few months you have to start NOW!

remember to take baby steps and then gradually increase your workout load to help you reach your fitness goals.

Also, please do not forget the holiday health challenge that is being put on by BeautifulBrwnBabyDol! It’s never too late to start being healthy!

BeautifulBrwnBabyDol website:


BeautifulBrwnBabyDol Facebook:

You can always start your own weight loss challenge! All you need is motivation and YOUR own will to want to make a change TODAY! 

Don’t forget to like our Infinite Life Fitness Facebook page for more tips during the week! And look out for our status updated as we will be giving out some great gifts and prizes!

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