…Cooking Suggestions…

Found some great recipes over the break? Get some of your favorite family recipes while you were with family for the holiday?

Well as we all know, you may find some delicious looking recipes, BUT they may not be as healthy as they should be!

Here are some suggestions to some healthier substitutes to help you cut those extra calories when making your favorite meal or when making a new meal! Thanks to Campbells, they have tons of great recipes (and even some great options you can make for not just yourself but for your family as well!) and also have listed the following as some great substitutes for you’re at home recipes.


Ingredient Substitution
Whole milk Skim, 1% or 2% milk
Whipped cream Chilled, whipped evaporated skim milk or nondairy whipped topping
Sour cream Plain low-fat yogurt, or 1/2 cup cottage cheese blended with 1½ tsp. lemon juice, or low- or nonfat sour cream
Evaporated milk Evaporated skim milk; low- or nonfat mayonnaise; or plain low-fat yogurt combined with low-fat cottage cheese
Whole egg Two egg whites, or 1/2 cup egg product
One egg yolk One egg white
One egg (to thicken) One tablespoon flour
Full-fat cheese Low-fat, skim-milk or fat-free cheese
Ricotta cheese Low-fat or nonfat cottage cheese (puree in a food processor or blender before using), or low-fat or nonfat ricotta cheese
Bacon Turkey bacon, Canadian bacon, smoked turkey or prosciutto
Enriched white pasta Whole wheat pasta
White rice Brown rice
Butter or oil (baking) Applesauce (substitute only half the amount of butter or oil called for with applesauce; use butter or oil for the other half or the baked goods may turn out tough and chewy)
White flour (baking) Whole wheat flour (substitute up to half the amount of white flour called for with whole wheat; use white flour for the other half or the baked goods may turn out heavy and dense)
Cream cheese Neufchatel-style cream cheese (one-third less fat)
White wine or beer An equal amount of apple juice or chicken broth with a touch of apple cider vinegar
Red wine An equal amount of cranberry juice with a touch of red wine vinegar
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2 thoughts on “…Cooking Suggestions…

  1. Yevette says:

    Great suggestions!

  2. […] you can substitute in the ingredients to help make your recipe a better healthier option.  Look at THIS post for some great […]

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