…Top Tips for Weight Loss…

The best snacks that you can grab and eat during the day should contain about 100 to 150 calories (and should have a small amount of protein and a little fiber as well!)  It is normal to “snack” 3 to 4 times a day BUT you must make sure that your “snacks” have a good nutritional value and will keep you satisfied between meals.

Here are some excellent snack ideas to try for yourself:

  • 1 slice of whole wheat toast
  • a handful (which should amount to be about a dozen or so) of almonds (or any other nutritional nuts)
  • 1 serving size of whole wheat crackers (look on the box! this could be 5 – 9 crackers depending on what brand you get)
  • Non-buttered microwavable popcorn (there are tons of other flavors to try! Or get the popcorn with nothing on it and put your own spices on it to give it your own unique flavor!)
  • a cup of your favorite fruit
  • cup of low-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt (Yoplait has great “Light”options that can be around 100 calories per cup of yogurt!)
  • Smoothie

Also, try to schedule the times that you do have your meals so you can fit these small snacks into your schedule.  It is important to not eat too late but to eat early enough so you don’t go to be hungry.

Don’t forget that what you drink also has a HUGE impact on your daily calorie intake.  Be sure to be mindful of what liquids you do consume.  Water is always a great option.  Even drinking alcoholic beverages can hinder your targeted weight loss goals.

Don’t forget to write out your goals and be mindful of the things that you need to alter or change in your lifestyle to reach those goals.

There is always time to join groups or get your friends to join you on new health challenges.  But just in case, you can always be apart of  the BeautifulBrwnBabyDol weight loss challenge.

Anytime is a good time to start your new healthier lifestyle.

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One thought on “…Top Tips for Weight Loss…

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    Thanks for that, The answer to the question in the title of this article, ‘Will Yoga Help Weight Loss?’, is a resounding ‘YES’. Yoga WILL help weight loss and has been proven to do so. Yoga will work on both your body and mind to provide a new and leaner you.

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