…Get Slim Quick?…

Look at the image above…(also click on the image for an amazing article talking about diet pills)

What is one thing that all of these product have in common?

They are all over the counter diet supplement pills, and they all promise to get weight loss results and FAST!  So the real question is are these type of “Get thin quick” guides worth your money?

Well, to be brutally honest…I have to say NO!

There are dozens upon dozens of case studies that are disproving the accuracy of these kind of products.  Yes, they are regulated by the FDA, but what is on the label (and sometimes things are left off of the label as well) may be harmful to you if you are currently taking other medications.  The dangerous thing about these supplements is the side effects that can go along with taking these pills.  Like I said before, there could be a reaction with the pills and something else that you take.  Not to mention all the un-wanted gross side effects that your body could do as a reaction to taking these pills.  So the best advice? Save your money! Use the money you spend on these pills on some healthy food that will actually be beneficial to your health!

Prescription diet pills are a different story! Those should be prescribed and regulated by your physician. Also, prescribed pills are not for Ms. Julie who wants to lose a quick 10 pounds so she can fit into her bikini.  These type of pills are intended for people who are clinically classified as obese.  You will have to have a consultation with your doctor to even consider getting them.  And there are also other side effects that go along with taking these pills as well. 

But a good pill to take with any regular routine is a multi vitamin.  I personally take a “one a day” type of vitamin.  You can go to your local grocery store or drug store and find dozens to try from.  If you take a full capsule (similar to the consistency of a Tylenol or aspirin pill) it is suggested you break the pill in half and then consume both pieces! Sometimes the pill can pass through your system quickly and the whole pill won’t be absorbed (so you will pass portions of your vitamin when you use the bathroom). This is just a tip to help with absorption of the pill (because some of the multivitamins are pretty big in size). If you take a liquid gel type of pill then this tip is not needed.

Along with these fancy pills you should also be careful of the “work out without breaking a sweat” programs.  Such as…

 Items like these promise results with out you having to work out.  Although they may do something minor to your body, the only way to get AMAZING results that will stay is to do it the old-fashioned way…get in the gym, work out, and eat right!

With products (like the one shown above) they also promise tone and better looking arms. Now that may be true, but do you want to walk around with tone arms and then have to find a dozen other “As seen on tv” machines to tone your other body parts?

With a regular cardio routine, you can add manageable weight routine into your workout schedule to tone and define your WHOLE body…not just certain areas.  And, getting a full routine is a lot more beneficial than just targeting one area of your body. 

Now, the review I gave on the above products are just my opinion based on things I learned in school, by researching, and by reading case studies.  You are free to buy and try any items or products that you would like.  I am just here to give my educated opinion on things that a lot of people ask questions about when they are looking into finding things to do for exercise. 

Happy Friday Everyone!

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